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Our Plans for the Future Our Plans for the Future

We welcome all new and old customers on board the new Solid Savings Bank website!

Let us introduce our plans for the future of Solid Savings Bank.

Our marketing team is working on a video introduction about our services, which will be uploaded to the website as soon as possible.

In the near future, we will enable USA bank transfer withdrawals & international wire transfer withdrawals. This will allow all balances to be withdrawn to your bank account directly instead of withdrawing it to your e-currency or cryptocurrency account.

In the following weeks we will also enable internal transfers between Solid Savings Bank accounts. The transfers will be instant and of course free of charge.

Our development team is already working on an iOS and an Android application where you can manage your savings account, manage deposits, make new deposits from your account balances or crypto, initiate outgoing transfer and more!

By the meantime our designers will add more promotion materials (for example banners and landing pages), so you can promote your unique partner URL more efficiently.

Credit card deposits are going to be enabled in Q4 2020. There will be some limitations and delays for first time deposits, but after you complete all required steps, credit card deposits will be instant, and earnings can be withdrawn to any e-currency or cryptocurrency wallet or even to your bank account.

Simultaneously to credit card deposits, we are also working on enabling bank transfer deposits, first for US banks then for every other country worldwide.

We are working on enabling a shorter duration savings term, which will be enabled late January / early February, 2021. More details about this deposit term will be announced later. Special conditions may apply.

Our team is also constantly working on the addition of other payment processors, like Neteller, Skrill, PayPal (with certain limitations and requirements), ePayCore and others. We are open to recommendations!

Thank you for being a part of the savings revolution with Solid Savings Bank!