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Our Partner Program

Most companies, even the biggest ones know that the best marketing comes from word of mouth. If they provide a successful service, why not incentivize their clients to refer their friends to them? Tesla offered $1,000 for both advocate and friend, with quite a star-studded list of advocates! Amazon Prime is likely one of the most heavily-used referral programs in recent times. Even Google, the front page of the Internet has a referral program for their Apps service.

Our manager at SolidSavingsBank thinks no different than the big companies CEOs, so we have decided we also offer a Partner Program to our clients

Most of us have friends with similar beliefs like us, similar goals and similar dreams. People who work in an office together have something in common.

Everybody likes the feeling of giving. Here at SolidSavingsBank we help you to reach your goals by providing a fair savings account with out-of-ordinary returns and no fees at all. All of your friends can benefit from an account like this, so why shouldn't you invite them?

But there is more! Give your friends the opportunity to reach their financial freedom, and both of you will be rewarded by us!

If you invite someone, who starts to use their savings account actively, a reward will be sent to both of you from SolidSavingsBank!

Introduce Us: Tell your friends about SolidSavingsBank and we’ll give them monetary bonus! Plus, we’ll give you a partner bonus too!

The bonus amount you receive depends on the amount your friend deposits into their savings account.

Here are some examples

Your Friend's Deposit Bonus Each of You Will Receive
$25 $1.25
$100 $5
$1,000 $50
$5,000 $250
$10,000 $1,000
$20,000 $2,000
$50,000 $10,000
$100,000 $20,000

You can receive a bonus up to the active deposit you have inside your savings account. In case the bonus amount is more than your deposit amount, you'll need to increase your savings to earn additional bonus. If you do not increase the deposit amount, your friend will still receive their part of the bonus.

More details can be found inside your account area.

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