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Safe Deposit Box Safe Deposit Box

Safe Deposit Box

SolidSavingsBank offers Safe Deposit Boxes in multiple locations around the world. We are available in the United Kingdom, Panama, Switzerland, Montenegro, Lithuania and in the Cayman Islands

Do not hesitate to rent a safe deposit box. Once your stamp collection, your custom made jewelry, your unique diamond stones or your safely kept photograps are lost, damaged or stolen it will be too late! Feel secure knowing that the things you value most are in a safe, well protected and easily accessible place.

Our safe deposit box rental fees vary by the size of the box, the smallest box is usually 2 by 5 inches and 12 inches long and the largest box offered is 15 by 22 by 22 inches. Yearly costs vary also by location, starting from $25 a year to $500 a year. There is a mandatory key deposit fee of $25, and replacement key fee is $20. In case you lose both of your keys, the box must be drilled open which costs $150.

A small box at $25 a year will help protect assets worth thousands or even more, making it a reasonable investment in security.

Our boxes are insured based on our clients requirements. First $10,000 insurance value is already included in the yearly cost, each additional $10,000 increment costs $25 a year.

Safe deposit box fees are waived if you deposit at least $20,000 to your savings account with SolidSavingsBank.

Safe Deposit Box
Safe Deposit Box
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