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You have decided to save a portion of your income or to put your current savings to work, but you've found out that most of the profits are being eaten by monthly fees or transaction cost? Is your current bank paying low interests on your deposits, but charging you high fees for the maintenance and safeguarding of YOUR money?

Savings accounts are a great place to save cash you'll later need for a larger future purchase. But in case you choose a wrong savings account, you won't earn a cent after inflation and possible fees—and you could even lose money

SolidSavingsBank is different on this approach. We provide a fair, profitable savings account for our customers from all over the world. Our account is not only free from hidden or excessive fees, but it also provides more profits than most banks ordinary savings accounts.

"Online-only banks tend to offer the best rates for top national savings accounts because they don't carry the overhead expense of running physical branches."

- Investopedia

Our savings account pays an annual profit of up to 130% and this amount can be increased in case you enable compounding. Profits from your deposits are paid to your account daily on every weekday.

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